Boom Lift Machine

Boom Lift Machine

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Versatile height and reach capacity are typically essential factors for working at height. Time Savers Aerials provides a wide selection of boom lifts that are ideal solutions for accessing challenging areas.

Boom lifts feature a wider movement range than many other varieties of lift equipment. In addition, they can maneuver around obstacles in commercial and industrial environments. The design of boom lifts is specifically for tackling jobs that are at height in tough-to-reach places.

Here are just a few of key benefits to renting a boom lift from Time Savers Aerials:

-A stable, dependable foundation. Boom lifts feature sturdy stabilizers to support the machine. This is essential for providing a base that always remains stable.

-Range of motion. In contrast to some lift equipment that moves up and down only, boom lifts can move horizontally and vertically. For example, the design of articulated or telescopic boom lifts makes it easy to access areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

-Get around obstacles. Some buildings have obstructions that lift equipment must avoid for safety purposes. For instance, architecture features in some buildings may get in the way of work platforms. That can cause delays and problems conducting routine maintenance. With a boom lift, you’ll have the maneuverability to get around obstacles and get the job done.

-Low volume. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, many boom lift models feature an electric motor. Their quiet operation makes them ideal for use in settings like school campuses or retail plazas. Also, some lifts have lightweight components which minimizes risk of causing floor damage.

-Accessibility. We have many boom lift models that are towable. This makes them convenient for moving and precise placement at the work site.

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Boom lifts are frequently the work platform of choice for a variety of industries that require working at heights. For example, construction firms, window installers, engineers, arborists and electrical contractors.

Safety First

Prior to operating a boom lift or other type of lift equipment, it’s important to review safety protocols. Be sure to take a close look at surface conditions. Also, check for obstructions at height as part of a comprehensive safety assessment.

Boom lifts provide versatility for a variety of hard-to-access tasks, both inside and outside. They can bypass obstacles that would otherwise take time and dollars to get around with some other work platforms. Convenient to move and set up, boom lifts offer a combo of durability and excellent reach capacity. This makes them a popular choice for contractors and facility managers who need to work efficiently at height in a range of environments.

Boom Lifts are a great selection for jobs like:

-Tree trimming, branch cutting, fruit picking.

-Powerline repairs.

-Window washing, painting, façade repair and maintenance.

-Billboard installation and replacement.

-Construction sites.

-Light fixture repair and replacement.

The boom lift operator maintains total control of the machine. The operator can move the lift back and forth while at the same time adjusting the height of the lift arm. The position of the basket is also adjustable. A boom lift is a durable piece of equipment, with stabilizing legs and controls that keep the machine from tipping.

Which Type of Boom Lift is Right for Your Project?

There are two versions of aerial work platforms – a.k.a. lifts: telescopic and articulating.

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Articulating Boom Lifts

This type of aerial work platform consists of multiple boom sections that articulate. This enables the operator to access tough-to-reach locations and work around obstacles.

-If your project is in a tight space, an articulating boom lift is a good choice. They are available in smaller models that are maneuverable in limited spaces.

-If you’ll need to work around and over obstacles the articulating boom lift can make the job go smoothly. If you’ll be working at an indoor setting, choose an articulating boom lift with specialized tires that won’t leave marks.

-Likewise for moving across rough surfaces, we can recommend an appropriate lift model.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

The boom section of this aerial work platform extends just like a telescope. They present very good horizontal reach options. Telescopic boom lifts – just like articulating lifts – are ideal for work areas with restricted access. However, why would you select one version rather than the other? We typically recommend a telescopic boom if:

-You’ll need to access a significant distance at height.

-You will be working upon rough surfaces with obstacles.

-Time is a factor. These lifts can maneuver into working position rapidly.

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In the competitive realm of material handling, using the best equipment makes all the difference between efficiency and inefficiency. Certainly, vertical work platforms are economical and practical. Additionally, they provide a wide array of functionalities that enable jobs and maintenance to get done on schedule.

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Read on for a brief listing of the advantages of scissor lifts and how useful they can be at your facility.

The Advantages of Scissor Lift Rental

Scissor lifts basically rely on a crisscross supportive structure that can expand, which lifts the user upward upon a platform. They are a version of aerial work platforms which a single operator can use.

Although other kinds of lifts are certainly useful, the scissor lift does present specific advantages.

Access Heights and Areas That Are Tough to Reach

The scissor lifts available at Time Savers Aerials can reach significant heights. This makes it possible to perform tasks at height with ease. Naturally, height and load capacity go along with total weight. Consequently, the heavier the equipment the greater the height it can reach and the more weight it can lift.


The scissor lifts available for rent or purchase at our facility are very user-friendly. Because the controls are relatively easy to learn, your employees can start operating the lift in a fairly short time. As a result, you’ll keep downtime to a minimum.

Compact, Convenient Size

A scissor lift is one of the most compact types of aerial work platforms on the market. If you’ll be working in confined areas, this is a very important feature.

Requires Minimal Floor Space

Some versions of aerial work platforms need a substantial amount of floor space for operation. However, scissor lifts are among the most compact types of lift machines. The total floor space a scissor lift requires is equal to the area of the platform itself. This makes them not just convenient to operate, but convenient to store as well.

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Easy to Customize

Depending upon your particular business, you may need to customize your scissor lift to your needs. For example, it’s possible to outfit scissor lifts with tilting devices to minimize the risk of falling for the operator. Or, you can even outfit the unit with a turntable that permits it to rotate while lifting the platform.

Cost Effective

In comparison to some other work platform alternatives, scissor lifts offer a cost-effective solution. Without a doubt, it can be possible to service a whole warehouse facility with just one scissor lift. Moreover, hydraulic scissor lifts do not consume a lot of power, which only adds to their remarkable efficiency.