Boom Lift Rental Chicago

Boom Lift Rental Chicago

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Does your next job site involves working at heights? You’ll need the right kind of aerial work platform to get things done right while also staying safe. The design of Boom Lift Rental Chicago is to support one or more people along with materials and tools. A boom lift enables you to get your materials safely up and into elevated working environments. There are two different varieties of boom lift: articulating and telescopic.

Articulating boom lifts are also sometimes known as knuckle boom lifts. They utilize segmented support structures that move the elevated work platform. With a Boom Lift Rental Chicago, the operator can move around obstructions and into tight locations. While somewhat more complex to operate, boom lifts are ideal for work in crowded, limited spaces and on complicated structures.

Also known as a stick boom, the telescopic boom lift features one extendable support arm. This enables it to extend across significant distances. A sturdy, stable work platform, telescopic booms are well suited for tasks in open areas and upon rectangle-shaped structures.

This variety of aerial platform offers several options when it comes to a power source: gas, diesel, electric or hybrid. Select treads, tires, 2 or 4-wheel drive based upon the terrain at the job site. Boom lift sizes range from 30-footers able to move through doorways to 180-foot units able to extend to significant heights.

When working at risky heights with powerful equipment, safety is of course the top priority. On any type of construction site, you’ll need to get your work done the right way and remain safe. Thorough training is necessary to avoid risk of injuries and property damage.

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About Some Leading Manufacturers of Aerial Lifts


A premier maker of boom lifts, Genie started building them back in 1966. The company’s namesake stems from the hissing noise and vertical movement of their earliest lifts. Genie grew to develop scissor lifts, man lifts and telehandlers. Terex bought Genie in 2002. Genie now does their manufacturing in the state of Washington as well as in China, Italy and the U.K.


This leading innovator in aerial work platforms gets its name from the initials of its founder, John L. Grove. Since creating and selling its initial boom lifts in 1970, JLG expanded into telehandlers, scissor lifts, and even drop-deck trailers. It supplies quality equipment for shipyards, airports, construction companies and more. JLG provides towable, powered and compact crawler boom lifts. Their product range varies from the 20-foot T350 to the giant 1850SJ. JLG’s main offices are in McConnellsburg, PA.


Established in 1985, Skyjack rapidly grew into a major presence in the worldwide boom lift marketplace. Skyjack bought Volvo’s material handling department back in 2008, which also enabled the company to continue growing. In addition to articulating and telescoping boom lifts, Skyjack makes a wide selection of aerial lift accessories.

Forklift Basics

Forklifts are a kind of machinery used mainly for lifting and moving heavy objects. Ever since the invention of this versatile machine, forklifts enable workers to easily move materials. Forklifts help workers be more productive while also eliminating physical strain.

Prior to the invention of the forklift, many warehouses and factories would utilize other methods of moving materials. For example, they might rely on ropes, pulleys and cables to lift boxes, crates and objects. However, these systems could be dangerous. After its invention and implementation, the forklift made conditions safer for workers while also increasing efficiency.

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Maneuverability and Load Capacities

Forklifts are among the smaller varieties of drivable machinery. Thanks to their compact design, forklifts can function in fairly small areas. In addition, they are easy to maneuver and turn in different directions. Depending on the type of forklift, many are able to handle loads as heavy as 35,000 pounds. Smaller models may have a load capacity of about 5,000 pounds.

Types of Forklifts

Forklifts are typically available in three different versions. Operators use each type for different applications. The internal combustion forklift is typically for outdoor use since they’re powered by gas, diesel, propane or compressed natural gas. This forklift type emits exhaust, which is why it’s usually not for indoor use.

Another type of forklift is the electric version. Good for indoor use and powered by batteries, the electric forklift is usually less expensive than other versions. Another benefit is that electric forklifts are very quiet machines.

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Manual forklifts do not have a motor and are not quite as versatile as the other varieties. They are only able to lift materials off the ground a few inches and feature a relatively low load capacity.

The utilization of forklifts enables businesses to efficiently move materials. It also decreases the requirement for manpower while shortening the time it takes to move things.

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Aerial work platforms allow engineering and maintenance techs to perform a variety of tasks institutional and commercial settings. Often, they must complete their tasks in areas that are difficult to access. One way that managers can promote efficiency and safety for a projects is to choose the right type of lift unit. For example, choosing a boom lift or a scissor lift that’s best for the particular task.

The first step is stating the project’s key requirements and understanding the service technicians’ previous experience with an aerial lift. This enables managers to match needs with options and perform projects successfully.

A project’s specifics obviously play a big part in determining which type of aerial lifts are ideal.

These requirements typically fall into categories including surface, personnel, obstacles, tools and horizontal and vertical parameters.

Managers can cite these categories as a checklist to determine the requirements that affect aerial lift selection. By considering each one, managers take a comprehensive strategy to planning safe and effective work in difficult-to-access locations.

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If a job requires a single worker at height, then a bucket lift will usually suffice. On the other hand, if a job requires multiple workers at an elevated site a scissor lift may be the better choice. Project plans should usually include reminders for personnel to use personal protective equipment. For example, they should wear safety glasses, gloves, a hard hat and earplugs. Additionally, plans should include a pre-job assessment to assure safety features like warning lights are in place and working properly.

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Time Savers are Chicagoland’s single source for top quality, well maintained aerial work platforms. We’re here to help our valuable customers to get their at-height projects done safely. Time Savers began in 1972 by the owner of a Streamwood scaffolding business. He envisioned that reliable aerial work platforms would become a key part of the construction industry.

Now with main facilities in Carol Stream, Time Savers continues to grow by providing a wide selection of quality lifts. We also service and sell lifts too. Get in touch with our team today if you need an aerial work platform.