Boom Lift Rental Glendale Heights IL

Boom Lift Rental Glendale Heights IL

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When a tasks calls for reaching significant heights, an articulating boom lift is often the ideal type of equipment. These versatile lifts feature sturdy aerial work platforms along with two or more “boom” sections. Boom Lift Rental enable the operator to easily perform all sorts of tasks at height. Due to their relatively compact size, boom lifts can fit in a variety of spaces for storage. Capable of extending across obstacles, boom lifts are also called knuckle booms or cherry pickers. But regardless of how you refer to them, they are very useful on a variety of different job sites.

Articulating booms are a type of aerial lift that relies upon hydraulics for its up and down movement. While they are available in a range of sizes, all boom lift models feature significant reach capacities. They can safely lift workers far off the ground and may extend over wires, walls and other obtacles.

Boom Lift Rental Glendale Heights IL – Call Today – 630-782-7666

Telescopic boom lifts also offer a wide variety of applications. They offer several variations for use in specific work environments. Stationary work platform and truck-mounted lifts are usually best for work sites such as:

  • -Residential and commercial construction.
  • -External building repair and maintenance.
  • -Construction of temporary structures.

Smaller aerial platforms are usually a good choice for interior locations or areas where there’s minimal operating space. These smaller but durable work platforms don’t provide as much weight capacity and reach larger models. However, this isn’t typically a cause for concern when in the right environment.

Compact work platforms are a good choice of equipment for:

  • -Indoor building repairs and maintenance.
  • -Product picking in a warehouse.
  • -Harvesting orchards and other agricultural settings.
  • -Outdoor use where operating areas and access may be limited.