Boom Lift Rental West Chicago IL

Boom Lift Rental West Chicago IL

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Telescopic boom lifts offer a wide range of potential applications. There are many variations available for specific uses, while other booms are more versatile. Lifts with stationary platforms or that are truck mounted are a good choice for:

  • -Heavy duty construction.
  • -Exterior repair and maintenance on buildings.
  • -Temporary outside construction work and clearance.

Also, some track-mounted booms are also suitable for this sort of work. Small mobile platforms are usually appropriate for inside usage or work site locations with tight operating spaces.

Smaller aerial platforms do not provide as much weight and reach capacity as bigger frames. However, this isn’t usually an issue when using boom lifts in the appropriate situations. Compact mobile work platforms are typically used for jobs such as:

  • Warehousing and picking products.
  • -Interior maintenance and repairs on commercial buildings.
  • -Accessing produce during harvest season.
  • -Exterior usage when operating room and accessibility may be minimal.

Boom Lift Rental West Chicago IL – Call 630-782-7666

Particular situations may call for the use of specialty lift equipment. JLG, for instance, makes crawler-mounted lift units for situations where other base models were not effective.

Be sure to talk with lift equipment experts regarding your requirements and the lift you’ll need to fulfill your needs. Lift rental facilities like Time Savers Aerials specializes in helping our customers identify their requirements. Our team can determine the solutions you’ll need to meet the demands of your next job.

With any type of rental, safety is always the first concern. It is very important to remain aware of safety issues when using a boom lift. Common possible risks when it comes to operating a telescopic boom lift includes:

  • -Risk of electric shock.
  • -Falling off the lift, even when at relatively lower elevations.
  • -The boom lift tipping over because of loose or faulty safety lines.
  • -Tools or other materials falling off the unit, potentially on to workers.