Boom Lift Rental Wheaton IL

Boom Lift Rental Wheaton IL

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A boom lift is basically a variety of aerial work platform. Booms are specifically for workers to access high locations. A conventional boom lift features a platform (or bucket) with a jointed, long crane. A hydraulic lift system, which attaches to a grounded foundation, operates the platform.

Some types of boom lifts are mounted upon a truck while the bucket safely supports a worker. Workers who use boom lifts must be capable of performing at significant heights.

Boom Lift Rental Wheaton IL are especially useful for difficult to reach locations. It’s possible to utilize

boom lifts in many several work environments. For example, firefighters may use boom lifts on the rear of fire trucks rather than ladders. Other tasks a Boom Lift Rental Wheaton IL is often ideally suited for includes:

  • -Window cleaning.
  • -Cable repair.
  • -Construction.
  • -Painting.
  • -Film productions.

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In some cases licensing is necessary in order to operate a boom lift or other types of aerial lifts. Following best practices is essential for safely using any type of material handling equipment.

-Conduct an inspection of the boom lift prior to operating it. Check all of the fittings and hydraulic hoses for any signs of leaks. In addition, verify that the tires are at the correct air pressure.

-Start up the boom lift without anyone on the platform. Operating the control paneling from the ground, check to see that all functions are in proper order.

-Switch the input to platform in order to operate the boom lift from the platform or the basket.

-Wear the safety harness. Once you are in the basket, latch the safety harness to the approptiate attachment within the basket.

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