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Cherry Pickers

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An elevated, durable work platform, a cherry picker can help workers perform a wide variety of tasks. Long a basic feature at construction sites, cherry pickers provide an efficient alternative to scaffolding and ladders. Because of their guard rails, cherry pickers are in some ways safer than scaffolding and ladders. It’s possible to access heights while remaining hands free for the job you need to accomplish. For example, for reaching part of a roof or cleaning the windows of a tall building, a cherry picker is ideal. Here are a few of the basic advantages to using cherry pickers in comparison to other equipment.

Saves Time

When using a cherry picker, there’s no need to spend time setting up scaffolding and ladders. The efficient machine utilizes a hydraulic lift system. That means less time climbing up and down or making adjustments to ladders. Additionally, cherry pickers save time that’s otherwise spent on adjusting scaffolding when working in a new location. You’ll also be more productive because your hands remain free. If you want to complete tasks safely and quickly, consider renting a cherry picker from Time Savers Aerials.

Adaptable and Transportable

A typical problem with some at-height access equipment is that they permit access to limited areas at a time. For example, extension ladders only give access to areas that are reachable from the ladder’s position. Consequently, you’ll waste time if you’re working at a larger area by climbing up and down the ladder frequently.

While scaffolding does enable access to large work areas, it takes considerable time to set up and move. However, cherry pickers are not just mobile but more adaptable to specific areas.

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Like our other equipment such as scissor lifts, we have cherry pickers available for rent at affordable rates. Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly or monthly, we offer competitive pricing that’s budget friendly. Your small business also saves on possible expenses resulting from accidents thanks to the safety features of cherry pickers.

Safe, Easy Access to At-Height Locations

Whether you’re working on a tall commercial building or a residential property, you’ll want to best equipment for the job. Luckily, Time Savers Aerials offers a wide selection of cherry pickers sure to serve you right based on the task at hand. The different models and their various features provide the capacity to access various heights and locations. A cherry picker will not only get you high enough, it puts you in the right spot too.

Safety Tips for Scissor Lift Use

It requires some preparation and best practices to ensure the safe and successful use of a scissor lift. Like with any kind of machinery, operator safety is always the highest priority. Following are a few standard safety tips for using scissor lifts.

Training Is Essential

Anything in relation to the use of a scissor lift begins with proper training. Reports of scissor lift accidents frequently identify areas where the user did not train appropriately. Or, in some cases the user did not follow safe protocols. OSHA guidelines state minimal the criteria for training workers who will be using a scissor lift. It covers many common sense practices that anyone using the machine should observe.

For example, the training manual specifies that training should include reading and following manufacturer’s instructions. Also, adequate training takes into account that scissor lifts have a weight limitation. Incorrect lifting risks exposing the operator to safety hazards.

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-Always wear a safety harness. A fall off a scissor lift can result in injuries. The user should always wear the harness regardless of what height they are working at.

-Don’t sit, climb or stand upon the machine’s guard rails. Be sure to maintain stable footing on platform at all times. If you find that the scissor lift is not able to reach a specific area, do not force the issue. Instead, look for an alternative way to gain access. Keep in mind that the scissor lift is not designed to reach all places. Many accidents happen as a consequence of a worker attempting to reach difficult areas.

Perform a Pre-Work Inspection. This covers the worksite and equipment on location. Prior to starting up the scissor lift, go through the safety manual. Verify that all workers wear proper foot wear, helmet, and reflective safety vests. You should also check the fluid levels in the lift’s hydraulic cylinders and the lifting mechanisms.

Confirm that there are no loose materials hanging from the lift. Also, assess the work site’s surfaces to assure it provides the structural durability to support the lift. Lastly, look for any hanging wires that could contact the lift and risk injury.

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The cherry picker provides multiple uses for residential and commercial work sites. Without a doubt, the cherry picker plays a critical role for many construction and maintenance environments. Like its nickname says, the cherry picker was initially in use at fruit orchards.

Basically, the cherry picker is essential for completing most any task that’s “at height”. Safety is top priority when performing work above ground level. With a cherry picker, the operator is able to work safely.

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Advantages of Using a Cherry Picker versus Scaffolding

-Why cover the high cost of erecting scaffolding? A cherry picker rental offers a much more affordable alternative.

-If you’re working at locations that call for accessing high levels, a cherry picker is an ideal platform. For example, a cherry picker is transportable, making it easy to move at the job site.

-Scaffolding frequently takes more time to set up and take apart as actual maintenance task at hand. Alternatively, a cherry pickers is safe, easy to operate and far more convenient than scaffolding.

Using ladders along with scaffolding typically requires more employees for safe practices.

Additional Uses Include:

Building or home maintenance

A lot of maintenance or painting jobs will often require working at height and at difficult angles.

Although a ladder might in some cases be adequate, a cherry picker provides mobility and safety. The user can move the unit to any area of the site while handling equipment and reaching work areas.

Servicing electricity and phone poles

There are many miles of phone and electrical poles in place around the Chicagoland area. Fixing and maintaining them requires expertise and dedication to safe practices. For anyone working in this specialized field, using a cherry picker is a standard part of their daily schedule.

Filming outdoor entertainment events and athletic competitions

When viewing entertainment or sports on television, high angle shots are important for capturing the whole picture. With a cherry picker, camera operators can provide the viewer with interesting shots that add to the excitement. Often, the view from a cherry picker is even better than what spectators on site are seeing.

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