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Electric forklifts offer a number of advantages for industrial and commercial locations. Consequently, it’s beneficial to consider forklift battery charge options like fast-charging. Also, known as opportunity-charging, this option is ideal for operations with multiple-shifts. Consider that conventional batteries typically provide a forklift operator with eight hours of running-time. However, it then needs eight hours of charge time plus additional hours for cooling before using again. To avoid this downtime requires the purchase of more batteries for every shift.

With a fast charging battery system, forklift operators can simply plug in during breaks in their shift. This serves to keep the battery running at 40 to 80 percent of full charge. It is essential to equalize the battery each week, which brings the battery to 100 percent and also reduces sulfate build-up.

So, what sort of warehouse modifications would fast charging require? Many non-conventional charge applications do not need any modifications. However, basing upon on your application and battery charging needs, an assessment of your current electrical infrastructure is advisable.

An important part of a successful fast charge system is simply compliance by the forklift operators. This is something that proper training can help accomplish. Additionally, smart placement of battery charging stations – perhaps close to your loading docks – raises the likelihood of operator compliance.

Forklift Battery Cycles

Fast charge forklift batteries usually last for a maximum of around three years. In comparison, conventional batteries can frequently last for as long as five years. Its shorter lifespan isn’t on account of higher charging temperatures. Rather, it’s because a fast charge battery will terminate the charging procedure at approximately 80 percent. The temperature is similar to a conventional battery charge of 100 percent.

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Multiple-shift operations can contribute to the shorter lifespan. Since you only need a single fast charge battery for production, its amount of daily operational hours increases.

Tips for Efficient Forklift Battery Charging

-Charge the forklift batteries in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Daily charging is generally what most manufacturers advise.

-Only recharge your forklift battery when it is over 30 percent discharge. Also do not operate the forklift when the battery is greater than 80 percent discharge. The lift-interruption device acts to reduce the machine’s lifting speed when the battery is at a high percentage. Do not bypass the forklift’s lift-interrupt.

-Allow enough time for the forklift’s battery to cool off after charging it. Running a hot battery risks warping the lead plates and can cause the battery cells to short.

-Keep metal items and open flames a safe distance from the battery.

-Don’t forget about forklift batteries that are not currently in operation. Lengthy periods of downtime can result in sulfation to form upon the battery.

-When it comes to watering the battery, use distilled water. Add water only after charging completes.

-Keep electrolyte levels above the forklift battery’s plates. Moisture forming on top of the battery signals overfilling. If overfilling occurs, clean the battery with a neutralizer to avoid corrosion.

-Ensure that employees wear safety gloves and safety glasses when handling forklift batteries.

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