Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated Work Platforms

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Whether you’re working in confined areas or on uneven terrain, Time Savers Aerials can help your business reach new heights! We carry a huge fleet of elevated work platforms available for rent at affordable rates. Our staff can help you select lifts that will serve as the ideal solution for your “at height” needs. We provide a wide selection of boom lifts, scissor lifts, articulating and telescopic lifts and other equipment.

Elevated work platforms play an important role in a many different applications and work environments. From basic projects like changing lights or painting to advanced electrical work, they’re often an essential piece of equipment. For example, here’s a quick list of just some of ways elevated work platforms are essential:

-Airplane hangar work and maintenance.

-Tree pruning.

-Audio/video tower maintenance.

-Bridge maintenance.

-Building façade installation, restoration.

-Window washing and panel installation.

-HVAC applications.

-Roof repairs.

-Painting and maintenance of ceilings.

Elevated work platforms are also very useful if you’ll need to access lower lever areas too. Our low-level access lift equipment enhances both safety and productivity by eliminating your need to use ladders. An Elevated Work Platform supplies a complete range of motion, is easy to transport and places tools within convenient reach.

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Scissor Lifts.

Contractors often utilize scissor lifts when they need greater workspace and height capacity. Without a doubt, the design of scissor lifts features a large platform as well as capacity for heavy loads. Our quality scissor lifts are simply a must for performing work upon uneven or rough ground. Utilize a scissor lifts for either indoor or outdoor use for many different applications. For instance, painting, changing signs, changing lights or cleaning at height areas. They are available in many different sizes. Make your selection depending upon the height you need to access. Also, consider the amount of weight you’ll put on the platform too.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Time Savers Aerials offers several lift equipment solutions that will fulfill your working at height requirements. Our selection of manlifts include electric and motor-driven articulating boom lifts. Depending on your specific needs, our rental units feature non-marker tires for optimal flooring protection. Also, they have reach capacities as high as 185 feet. With their compact size, these lifts are made for working in narrow areas. Due to their articulating capabilities, you’ll be able to get around obstacles and access at height locations.

There are electricity-powered boom lifts which are ideal for indoor locations. Additionally, we have diesel-powered boon lifts that suited for servicing electrical power lines, for example. Some models feature a telescopic arm which allows the operator to position the platform with accuracy.

Telescopic boom lifts also come in varieties capable of sustaining significant load capacities. However, the safety limitations of load depends on the extension length of the arm. Be sure to equip your lift operator with an accurate load chart to help confirm calculations. Like any other kind of lift equipment or machinery, it is essential for the operator to receive proper training.

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Basically, select a telescopic boom lift if you require a lot of height and reach. Or, if you’ll be moving the lift equipment across terrain that’s rough or uneven.

If you are uncertain about which type of elevated work platform you should use for your next project, call 630-782-7666. The staff at Time Savers Aerials can recommend exactly the kind of lift that’s right for the job.