Forklift Rental Bloomingdale IL

Forklift Rental Bloomingdale IL

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Forklifts make it possible to transport heavy materials in a warehouse, construction site or around the home. Most types of forklifts are relatively small and compact, but they are capable of lifting very heavy loads. Whether outdoors or indoors, forklifts are essential to the efficient and safe transport of materials.

Types of Forklift Rental Bloomingdale IL

At Time Savers Aerials, we have forklifts available in a range various sizes, maneuverability and lifting power. If you are not sure which type of forklift is right for your needs, call us or visit our facility. Our experienced employees are knowledgeable about forklift applications. Without a doubt, we can help you select a model that’s ideal for your material handling requirements.

Forklift Rental Bloomingdale IL – 630-782-7666

-Counter balance forklifts. With this type of lift, the forks extend from the machine’s front. This enables the forklift to drive directly to the area of loading. It functions off of the balance of the load’s weight and a weight at the rear of the machine. In addition, the 3-wheel design provides exceptional maneuverability.

-Pallet trucks. These are for the transport of pallet-sized loads. Hand pallet trucks require the user to pump the handle in order raise the forks up off the ground. Powered pallet trucks function via an electric motor in the machine.

-Sideloaders. For long or wide loads, the sideloader is usually the right type of lift. This forklift functions by lifting the load on the side of the user. This is a handy option for moving long items. For example piping, timber or similar materials. However, they are not as maneuverable as other types of Forklift Rental.

Ask the Time Savers team for recommendations on which type of forklift is right for your next project.

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