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Forklift Rental Carol Stream IL

Perhaps one of the most vital pieces of equipment needed to successfully run a distribution center, warehouse or most any logistics facility, the forklift is used to move equipment, load and unload products and gear, and for picking out merchandise for delivery. They are practically a requirement for staying efficient, productive and on schedule – that’s why it is absolutely essential to know a reliable Forklift Rental Carol Stream IL company that you can rely on – and you can always rely on Time Savers Aerials!

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When demand for products and services goes up, the hard-working developers, warehouse managers, contractors, and distribution facilities in the Chicagoland area know that they can always rely on high quality, well-maintained Forklift Rental Carol Stream IL by Time Savers Aerials. Whether you are anticipating a seasonal surge in product circulation or you’re suddenly faced with a need for a replacement forklift because of your facility’s own forklift malfunctions during a busy period, Time Savers Aerials has the affordable solutions needed for your material lifting demands.

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As a leading provider of the finest forklift models in the marketplace today, we have got your needs covered with reliable, Forklift Rental Carol Stream IL solutions at economical rates. Whatever the application may be, Time Savers Aerials has the right equipment available in our large fleet of forklifts.

Forklift Rental Carol Stream IL – Fun Forklift Facts!

* The forklift may not be the most glamorous gear in the world of logistics, but it does have a rather colorful history behind it! In fact, before the forklift as we know it was developed, there was a kind of precursor to it that was in use first. Known as the “tractractor,” it was manufactured way back in 1917. Just a few years later in 1923, Yale University produced an electric truck that was outfitted with elevating forks. This could be viewed as when the forklift was launched, although it did take time for it to gain popularity, and the modern version of the forklift didn’t appear in widespread use until around 1960.

* Forklift Production Surges During the Second World War. The forklift, over the course of its existence, has gone through a series of critical transformative steps to continually improve its capabilities. It was the years before and then during World War II that functioned as a serious catalyst. In 1930 the common wooden pallet had become standardized, so when workers were seeking a more economical way to load big quantities of wartime supplies for shipment, the output of forklifts increased substantially. When it became necessary for Forklift Rental Carol Stream IL to function longer, new models were manufactured to function a full eight hours on just a single battery charge.

* Not Just for Industrial Environments. Although we tend to associate forklifts with warehouses, various models are in use in other places of work too. Specially designed forklifts for rougher terrain, for instance, are used to move construction equipment, roofing, lumber and bricks. They functional similar to conventional forklifts, but are outfitted with a very durable transmission that permit them to work on various challenging ground conditions.

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