Forklift Rental West Chicago IL

Forklift Rental West Chicago IL

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When your job involves lifting and moving materials on a job site, you’re probably going to need a forklift. These versatile machines are made for lifting materials even on uneven, sloping surfaces. On account of the attachments they can utilize, rough terrain forklifts are surprisingly versatile. Call Time Savers Aerials to learn more about our selection of Forklift Rental West Chicago IL. We can recommend a lift that will be ideal for your material handling needs.

Main Components of a Rough Terrain Forklift:

The “forks” are the most visibly apparent parts of a forklift. These sturdy prongs attach to the front of the unit. They can lift and transport materials and equipment. While many businesses utilize them for lifting wooden pallets, the forks can also lift other objects as well. Most rough terrain forklifts feature adjustable forks. That enables the operators to set the forks wider or narrower to move loads of any size.

Forklift Rental West Chicago IL – Call 630-782-7666

The tires are also key components which place rough terrain forklifts in a different category than standard versions. Rough terrain models have heavy duty, durable tires that enable them to function in outside conditions. In addition, their tires have extra traction and durability. These features assure that the forklifts move safely upon loose, rocky surfaces.

The operator sits inside the cab of the machine. Generally, there’s a reinforced cage so the driver remains safe against injury. Many rough terrain forklifts feature safety glass panels around its cab, too. This helps to keep dirt, gravel and other debris from flying into the cab. Some type of forklifts have climate controller options to keep the operator comfortable in all weather conditions.

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