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Renting forklifts is a cost-effective strategy for a sudden uptick in business or a temporary requirement for specialty equipment. Also, it’s an efficient way to evaluate material handling equipment before committing to purchase.

Benefits of Forklifts DuPage County IL

-Get the material handling equipment you need promptly. When your existing forklifts break down or need extensive service, renting is the ideal way to keep your operations going.

-Renting offers flexibility. Forklifts DuPage County IL at Time Savers offers the versatility to avoid the expense of equipment you don’t use. If your operation obtains a contract that’s relatively short term or experience a seasonal increase, renting is the answer. If business slows, return the rental unit and conserve costs. Without a doubt, that’s efficiency that helps your bottom line.

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-Predictable costs. If you have a set budget or want to prevent unforeseen maintenance expenses, renting offers a solution. When you rent forklifts from Time Savers, you can have confidence knowing our machines receive routine maintenance.

-Top quality machines. When you rent forklifts from Time Savers Aerials, you’ll benefit from the latest technologies for optimal efficiency and safety. Our experienced team ensures all of our Forklifts DuPage County IL comply with safety standards. Additionally, we offer service for your own forklifts and other lift equipment.

-Try out the equipment before you decide to buy. If you’re planning to add forklifts to your material handling fleet, you’ll find want you need at Time Savers. At our facility we have an unbeatable selection of forklifts with a variety of lift capacities. In addition, we also carry scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts and other aerial work platforms

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Forklifts DuPage County IL – Time Savers Aerials – Call 630-782-7666

When your job involves lifting and moving materials on a job site, you’re probably going to need a forklift. These versatile machines are made for lifting materials even on uneven, sloping surfaces. On account of the attachments they can utilize, rough terrain forklifts are surprisingly versatile. Call Time Savers Aerials to learn more about our selection of Forklifts DuPage County IL. We can recommend a lift that will be ideal for your material handling needs.

Main Components of a Rough Terrain Forklift:

The “forks” are the most visibly apparent parts of a forklift. These sturdy prongs attach to the front of the unit. They can lift and transport materials and equipment. While many businesses utilize them for lifting wooden pallets, the forks can also lift other objects as well. Most rough terrain forklifts feature adjustable forks. That enables the operators to set the forks wider or narrower to move loads of any size.

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The tires are also key components which place rough terrain forklifts in a different category than standard versions. Rough terrain models have heavy duty, durable tires that enable them to function in outside conditions. In addition, their tires have extra traction and durability. These features assure that the forklifts move safely upon loose, rocky surfaces.

The operator sits inside the cab of the machine. Generally, there’s a reinforced cage so the driver remains safe against injury. Many rough terrain forklifts feature safety glass panels around its cab, too. This helps to keep dirt, gravel and other debris from flying into the cab. Some type of forklifts have climate controller options to keep the operator comfortable in all weather conditions.

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From construction sites and warehouses to busy shopping plazas and distribution centers, there’s a range of locations where Forklifts DuPage County IL and aerial lifts are needed for efficient material handling. At Time Savers Aerials, we have a huge inventory of over 1,000 lift units with a variety of height capabilities suitable to any material handling application:

-Boom Lifts. A type of aerial lift that offers flexibility thanks to their hydraulic arm, a boom lift is able to navigate around obstructions and enable access to hard-to-reach areas. Boom lifts can typically extend to greater heights than other types of aerial platforms such as scissor lifts. Time Savers carries boom lifts that have reach capacities of 130 feet and more. Another beneficial feature for material handling – specifically in warehouse or construction settings – is the machine’s drive speed capacity that allows users to move around efficiently.

-Scissor Lifts. Well-suited for safe material handling in confined areas, we have a range of scissor lifts available for rent or purchase at Time Savers Aerials. Scissor lifts are useful indoors and outdoors for construction, servicing and installation applications on level surfaces. Scissor lifts feature large platforms that can safely and securely support several people at once, along with equipment and materials. Supported by crisscrossing braces that extend upward, scissor lifts are generally made to move up and down only. With working heights of up to 50 feet, you’ll find that our variety of scissor lifts offers just what you’ll need for material handling solutions.

-Forklifts DuPage County IL. As we mention at the start of this post, Time Savers Aerials has a fleet of forklifts ready to help move your materials indoors or outdoors. Like our other equipment, our Forklifts DuPage County IL are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental.

-Telehandlers. This is a useful piece of lifting equipment that incorporates a telescopic boom with a lift attachment. The key features of a telehandler include:

-Capacity options of approximately 4,400 to 12,000 pounds.

-Runs on diesel, large tires for stability on uneven terrain.

-Four-wheel drive.

-A reach capacity of 19 to 54 feet.

A telehandler shares some features with a crane and is also referred to as a telescopic handler or boom lift. An articulating or telescopic boom extends upwards from the machine. This feature makes it quite versatile. The operator can attach one of several components to the end of the boom. Typically, attachments mount upon a 4-wheel-drive chassis. With a telescopic boom, it provides lift heights of up to 50 feet or higher.

In wide use throughout the construction and agriculture industries, many Telehandlers can fit with a pallet fork. The attachment options depend on the machines specific design. Some of the most common Telehandler attachments are:

-Lifting jib.

-Fork tines.

-Work platform.

-Earthmover bucket.

Telehandler Basics

Pallet forks are generally the most common attachment for Telehandlers in industrial settings. It’s very effective for moving materials that a standard forklift may not be able to. For example, Telehandlers can move cargo on pallets from a trailer and put it on a high storage shelf. This application typically requires use of a crane. However, this isn’t always very practical.

When it comes to agricultural uses, buckets are a common attachment for Telehandlers. Operators can utilize a Telehandler to move materials to areas unreachable with a backhoe loader. For instance, they can reach into a trailer, while a backhoe loader needs a ramp to do so.

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Many Telehandlers feature a computer that utilizes sensors for monitoring the machine. The computer warns the operator if the load exceeds that vehicle’s limits. Also, you can equip a Telehandler with a front stabilizer which extending the lifting capacity when then machine is stationary.

Time Savers Aerials carries Telehandlers by leading manufacturers including JLG and Skyjack.

Telehandlers are available in compact models too. They are popular due to their convenient size, light weight and maneuverability. Also, they’re versatile when it comes to attachments, which makes compact Telehandlers an alternative for using forklifts on rough terrain. In comparison to rougher terrain vehicles, compact Telehandlers:

-Are typically lighter and offer better maneuverability.

-Can function in locations inaccessible to some varieties of forklifts.

-Are easy to transport. A one-ton truck can safely haul a Telehandler.

Just like other varieties of lifting equipment, a telehandler’s service lifespan depends upon responsible care and routine maintenance. When possible, replace the machine’s filters with quality OEM filters to keep internal wear to a minimum. Also, to minimize downtime, check the engine fluids and replace them regularly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure that your company’s maintenance personnel know the correct procedures before working on a Telehandlers. There are additional procedures for servicing Telehandler boom segments as well.

Without a doubt, many facility managers find that Telehandlers are very effective for carrying out a wide range of tasks. Their versatility provides the Telehandler with some advantages over conventional forklifts.

Construction sites and industrial facilities often select Telehandlers to minimize the volume of equipment they must transport. Since you can fit a Telehandler with various attachments to suit the task, they are an effective solution. From moving loads into difficult places to functioning as a sort of “mini-crane” Telehandlers are useful for any construction site.

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Forklifts DuPage County IL, Aerial Lifts and Safe Operating Procedures

Aerial lifts are an essential component of many construction sites. However, considering their size and scale, this type of “at height” equipment requires a dedication to safe practices. The following safety guidelines are helpful to review regardless of what type of work you’ll be doing with a lift.

-Maintain a clear area for the base of the lift equipment. Always ensure that the lift’s base and the whole circumference of the machine remain clear of personnel. Without a doubt, this is especially important when the lift is active. A lift’s circumference can be quite large and materials can fall off the platform, risking injury to anyone standing beneath. Keeping the whole area clear serves to minimize this risk. Although it is a very rare occurrence, it’s possible for scissor or boom lifts to accidentally tip over. Keeping the space around the lift clear helps assure that no one suffers an injury if a tip over happens.

-Proper training for operators of Forklifts DuPage County IL and other material handling equipment. Hiring personnel with the right training to operate lifts is, naturally, critical for safe practices. By maintaining relevant certifications and equipment knowledge, you’ll keep your employees safe while working at height. Testing possible new employees with hands-on tasks that demonstrate their knowledge of operating a lift is very useful. It can help identify potential safety risks before an accident takes place at a job site.

-Wear the safety harness. A fundamental but necessary safety measure is the consistent wearing of a safety harness. Also, ensuring the lanyard remains fully secure to the lift bucket. Although it might seem very unlikely that a lift operator may fall, even a mild bump can throw people off balance. In addition, even a sudden wind gust can potentially knock a lift operator off the work platform and cause injury.

Forklifts DuPage County IL, Hybrid Lifts, Aerial Work Platforms and Other Lift Equipment at Affordable Rental Rates

Do not exceed weight limitations. Each boom, scissor and Hybrid Lift has a weight limitation. It is essential to identify and follow these weight restrictions. Surpassing weight limits – even by a slight amount – creates unnecessary risk of making the lift top-heavy. Always consider the weight of the operator along with tools and materials upon the aerial platform. Ensure that the total weight isn’t greater than the capacity before starting operation.

-Do not sit or climb on the lift’s edges. When you’re on the platform of a Hybrid Lift, avoid climbing on the edge to reach for something. Rather, the safer practice is usually to reposition the entire unit. Sitting or climbing on the platform’s edge dramatically increases the risk of a fall what can result in major injury. In the event there’s something that’s inaccessible, communicate with the operator for help getting to a better position.

-Avoid working in very windy conditions. This may seem like a challenge if you’re working here in the “Windy City.” Still, it’s important to monitor local weather conditions when you’ll be working at height and using a lift. When a boom extends to significant heights, strong wind can create a safety risk. Workers should generally avoid using aerial lifts in windy conditions to prevent the risk of the machine tipping over. Each aerial lift has limits with respect to how much wind it is able to withstand. Review the user manual of the lift you’re using to learn its restrictions.

Tips for Charging and Maintaining Electric Forklifts DuPage County IL

When it comes to the charging and maintenance of Forklifts DuPage County IL, it’s a smart practice to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Batteries have a limited amount of cycles, so if you charge them according to when it’s convenient rather than following a regular schedule it can potentially reduce the battery’s lifespan. A general guideline is to simply recharge a Forklifts DuPage County IL battery at the conclusion of an 8-hour shift. Or, after it has discharged more than 30 percent. The following battery charging tips for Forklifts DuPage County IL are generally viewed as best practices:

-If at all possible, allow the forklift’s battery to fully charge once you have begun the charging process. Stopping a charge cycle too soon can be harmful to the longevity of the battery.

-Avoid letting a battery that is fully discharged to sit for long. For instance, no more than a couple hours per day. When a discharged battery sits for a long time, hard sulfation may start to form, which can reduce the running time and lifespan of the battery.

-Avoid over discharging your Forklifts DuPage County IL battery. If they discharge over 80 percent, you’ll risk causing damage to the unit’s battery and shortening the battery lifespan.

-Monitor the temperature of the battery while charging. Too much heat can reduce battery lifespan by quite a lot. Keep the battery near to about 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) as practical. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that facilities should have a designated area for charging batteries. This charging area should feature clearly readable signage, a water source for eye washing, adequate ventilation and a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. In additionally, other suggested safety measure are:

-Avoid smoking in the vicinity of the designated battery change area.

-Do not wear any kind of metallic jewelry during a battery recharge for Forklifts DuPage County IL.

-Utilize appropriate equipment to lift and move Forklifts DuPage County IL batteries.

-Wear appropriate type of protective equipment such as safety goggles, an apron, gloves and face shield.

-Position Forklifts DuPage County IL appropriately. Apply breaks before you start to charge or change a battery.

-For Forklifts DuPage County IL batteries that have sealed vents, avoid recharging with a current more than 25 amps.