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Do you have an important job coming up soon and need to rent lift equipment? Not sure which type of lift is the right one for your needs? At Time Savers Aerials, you’ll find exactly the kind of quality lift equipment ideal for your next project. Our lifts are available at affordable daily, weekly and monthly rental rates. On this post, we’ll take a look at two of the most common: scissor lifts and boom lifts.

-Scissor Lifts. This variety of lift is for elevating workers so they can access high, tough-to-access areas. They are most frequently utilized in industrial and manufacturing environments. Scissor lifts extend straight up with the support of crisscrossing braces. Generally, the design of scissor lifts enables for up and down movement only. However, some scissor lifts do have the ability to move horizontally. One of the best benefits to renting a scissor lifts is its wide and sturdy platform. It allows for plenty of room for workers, tools and materials to get the job done on schedule.

Typically, the height capacity of a scissor lift is about 20 to 50 feet. This is quite a bit less in comparison to boom lifts. Because scissor lifts only move upward, they are not very maneuverable if you’ll be working in a tight space.

-Boom Lifts. Like their cousin the scissor lift, boom lifts are a variety of aerial lift. However, booms offer more flexibility for many work site situations. This is mostly because a hydraulic arm supports the boom, enabling it to get around obstacles. Additionally, boom lifts are able to reach higher elevations than scissor lifts.

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Boom lifts are available in two standard versions: articulating and telescopic. An articulating boom lift features a support arm that can bend. Consequently, that makes it easier to maneuver the bucket around obstacles.

Telescopic boom lifts, in contrast, feature a straight support arm. Telescopic units typically have a greater load capacities but are harder to maneuver than a boom lift.

Although each job site presents different challenges, a boom lift is probably the way to go if you’ll need maneuverability. The boom arms can angle in multiple directions so you can access difficult, at height spots. Usually, boom lifts can extend as high as 130 feet.

Along with boom and scissor lifts, Time Savers Aerials has a large fleet of forklifts available for rent or purchase. In addition, we can service forklifts for you too. Read on for a few helpful tips on the safe operation of forklifts.

-Be sure to train whoever will be operating the machine. Operating a forklift should be done only by those with proper training and licensing for the equipment.

-We appropriate clothing and safety gear. Ensure that your facility’s operators are wearing appropriate safety wear. Typically, this consists of hard hat, safety foot wear and hi-visibility safety vest.

-Check equipment before using. Forklift operators should conduct a routine assessment of the unit before each use. For instance, take a look at the brakes, controls, steering, warning devices and tires. If the inspection notes any problems, the operator should not use the forklift until completing repairs.

Forklifts Available for Rent or Purchase at Time Savers Aerials

At Time Savers Aerials, all the forklifts in our fleet are subject to inspections in order to maintain top condition. We have a variety of electric or gas-powered forklifts with various features that will be ideal for your needs. Plus, you’ll definitely like our affordable daily, weekly and monthly rates! Consider Time Savers Aerials as your go-to source for all your material handling needs.

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