Genie Lift

Genie Lift

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Genie lifts serve to improve work site productivity with effective portability solutions for a variety of applications. Additionally, there are several options and accessories that make the Genie Lift very adaptable to suit specific material handling needs.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Efficient and convenient, Genie’s telescopic boom lifts provide more horizontal reach than many other types of aerial work platforms. Ideal for working in areas with tight access, telescopic booms offer industry-leading capacity through a fully-functioning envelope for optimal accessibility.

For example, the Genie S-40 and S-45 telescopic boom lifts boost productivity with superior drive speed and traction. Consider these units if you’ll need to move frequently around work areas and maneuver in confined spaces.

Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts by Genie have the ability to lift over and out with exact positioning in tough-to-access areas. Genie introduced the articulating Z-boom in 1985 with its Z-30/20 model. The product introduced Genie to the rental sector. They remain popular due to their distinctive “up-and-over” ability to navigate obstructions at height.

Articulating boom lifts provide emission-free, low volume operation for sensitive working environments. Operators may easily move the unit through doorways, work near buildings or maneuver around obstacles. Additionally, they can reach overhead work from shelving and areas where congestion is an issue.

Genie Lift Accessories

Genie’s boom lift tray is ideal for eliminating clutter so operators can move about on the work platform.

The tool tray provides a convenient, accessible place to put tools and other materials upon the platform.

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Lift Equipment Tools – Panel Cradle for Boom Lifts

Enables operators to store materials outside of the work platform for easy access while at height. This product includes a load retainer strap, the cradle itself and a pair of foam cushions. Ideal for lifting materials like window panes, drywall or plywood in panels of up to 250 pounds. The total weight of the panels, attachment, tools and operators cannot exceed the platform’s rated capacity

Trailer-Mounted Boom Lifts

Providing convenient mobility, Genie makes trailer-mounted boom lifts that feature an operational envelope to access jobs at height. Providing the best of both worlds, Genie’s trailer-mounted boom lifts offer the operating envelope of the Z-boom. It can reach upwards, over and out. In addition, it’s easy to two this unit with an SUV or pickup. With an excellent work envelope and an intuitive control panel, operators can efficiently access what they need.

Scissor Lifts

Genie’s slab scissor lifts are very mobile, allowing for maneuverability around worksites with level, sturdy surfaces. Featuring low volume levels, slab scissor lifts offer plenty of capacity and a large work platform. Some scissor lifts provide a platform height of about 13 feet and a max working height of 19 feet. Models are available that have a two-person, 500-pound capacity and a weight of just 1,950 pounds.

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Aerial Work Platforms

We have Genie aerial work platforms that are easy to operate and very cost-effective. Consequently, they are often the best choice for a wide variety of applications. One operator can set the platforms up and start working in just a few minutes. This provides an important tool for any application. Genie’s aerial work platforms are company and lightweight, making them convenient for use in schools, warehouses and much more. Also, Genie’s aerial work platforms present solutions for indoor work on larger construction sites like hi-rises.

Time Savers Aerials carries a great selection of Genie Lifts ideal for your industrial, commercial or construction site. Available for daily, weekly or monthly rentals, you’ll find the lift equipment you need among our fleet of quality machines.