JLG Lifts

JLG Lifts

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Searching for cherry picker to use for your next construction or maintenance project? Then you’re probably in need of lift equipment with a platform and a hydraulic boom that moves up and down.

Time Savers Aerials carries engine-powered JLG boom lifts available at affordable rental rates.

Also knowns as cherry pickers, these versatile lifts provide you the reach necessary for dependable outdoor performance. Boom lift specs vary quite a lot, so it’s beneficial to understand the requirements of the job first. Both boom and articulating JLG Lifts can help you tackle the toughest jobs. A telescopic boom lifts allows you to reach farther with greater capacity. This enables you to position yourself with precision as efficiently as possible. However, if the task calls for to get over and around objects, an articulating boom lift is probably advisable.

Articulating JLG Boom Lifts

This versatile jib enables you to access up and around obstacles for exact positioning. Select from a wide range of boom lifts that feature different platform heights of up to 150 feet.

Telescopic JLG Boom Lifts

A straight boom that provides maximum horizontal reaching capacity. Select from our large fleet of telescopic booms with platform heights ranging from 40 to 185 feet. Boom lifts generally have platform load capacities up to 1,000 pounds.

Electric and Hybrid Boom JLG Lifts

Our selection of electrical and hybrid boom JLG lifts are efficient and will help keep your productivity remain consistent. From beginning to conclusion of your next project, Time Savers Aerials has electric-powered boom lifts to fulfill your needs.

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Compact Crawler Boom Lifts

Lightweight, non-marking, rubber track-mounted boom lifts. These units have an optional lithium ion battery for clean, ecologically-friendly operation. Crawler boom lifts are made with self-leveling outriggers for functioning on uneven, rough surfaces. We have a number of models with working heights up to 106 feet.

Scissor Lifts

JLG scissor lifts provide lasting, durable performance for your job site. This variety of aerial work platform is suitable for indoor maintenance tasks as well as outside construction. Electrical scissor lifts have longer operational times and promote a low volume work environments. Engine-powered JLG scissor lifts can move over rough surfaces. Its platform can lift personnel and equipment to significant heights.

Electric drive lifts can help increase the battery lifespan of hydraulic-drive equipment. Available in various heights and platform load capacities. You’ll have no problem finding a transportable scissor lift to fulfill the needs of your work site.

Powered Scissor Lifts

Reliable JLG scissor lifts can carry more due to greater stability and power. Pick from multiple different models able to traverse uneven terrain so you can complete industrial jobs on schedule.

Vertical Lifts

When your repair and maintenance requires overhead access in close spaces, you’ll want vertical lifting solutions that offer complete access. A vertical lift will deliver the productivity it takes to finish tasks when time is pressing. Our selection of driveable and push-around vertical lifts are an efficient way to perform “up and over” challenges. Also, they’re safer and more efficient than ladders or scaffolding.

Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts

Can move through conventional doorways and maneuver through narrow spaces. Select a vertical mast lift that fulfills your platform height requirements.

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Push-Around Vertical Mast Lifts

Easily transportable for convenient, reliable loading. We have various models with platform heights ranging from 19 to 41 feet.

Not sure which of our Lifts are right for your needs? Just contact the team at Time Savers Aerials and we’ll recommend a lift for your particular job site. Reach us during business hours at 630-782-7666.