Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL

Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL

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Need to access a difficult-to-reach spot for a construction project? Rent a boom lift from Time Savers Aerials.

There are two main varieties of boom lifts: telescopic and articulating. Telescopic booms feature a single “arm” with a boom. The arm extends straight outward in a horizontal direction. Alternatively, articulating booms contain jointed segments that enable the operator to access locations that are hard to reach.

Articulated boom lifts provide a reach capacity of up to 125 feet. Telescopic lifts are able to reach 185 feet. Each of these versatile Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL machines offer specific advantages:

  • -Articulating boom life can rotate 360 degrees.
  • -Telescopic boom lifts function well on rough, uneven terrain.
  • -You can use either type of lift for outdoor or indoor tasks.

Boom lifts are useful for many various applications like tree trimming, hanging lights and lifting up materials to high areas.

Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL – Time Savers Aerials – 630-782-7666

Time Savers Aerials also stocks a large selection of scissor Lift Rental. Scissor lifts are hydraulic-powered machines able to lift personnel and materials up and down. The two kinds of scissor lifts include rough terrain and electric. Both versions can extend as high as 60 feet. While they do not reach quite as high up as boom lifts, they are capable of lifting more weight.

The benefits of renting scissor lifts include:

  • -Electric scissor lifts are quiet and ecologically friendly.
  • -Rough terrain scissor lifts operate well on uneven, rough surfaces.
  • -Each type of scissor lift is useful for a variety of tasks.
  • -Scissor lifts are useful for projects like replacing overhead signs, stacking products on high shelves and lifting heavy materials.

Visit Time Savers Aerials for all your material handling needs. We’re just minutes from Bloomingdale at 725 Kimberly Drive in Carol Stream. Besides our selection of boom and scissor lifts, we also rent push around manlifts and forklifts.