Lift Rental West Chicago IL

Lift Rental West Chicago IL

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There are some tasks that require accessing heights where a standard ladder just won’t suffice. These are the type of applications where workers can count on the convenience of push around manlifts. They’re a compact, lightweight type of lift that can be very useful at variety of work sites. In addition, push around manlifts are foldable for convenient storage. Manlifts usually feature an aerial platform that has enough space for one worker. In contrast to larger lifts, push around manlifts usually have a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds approximately.

Push around manlifts typically weigh approximately 1000 pounds. Their suspension and wheels provide them with maneuverability. Without a doubt, one or two people can move a manlift. Because of their relatively lightweight, manlifts do require caution so they don’t tip over. For that reason, they have outriggers in order to remain stable. Also, there are self-propelling manlifts that the operator can control from the aerial work platform. The design of push around manlifts is for one worker and some tools.

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These smaller rentals are suitable for indoor tasks such as ceiling repairs, ductwork and electrical maintenance. Basically, a manlift is a good option for those jobs in a tight space that a ladder can’t access. Take note that whenever you use a push around manlift, it’s important to take precautions to ensure safety.

Push around manlifts do not have the capability of moving horizontally. They are made for getting very concise tasks in small, hard to access spaces. Push around manlifts are not generally meant for use on uneven surfaces.

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