Lift Rental Wheaton IL

Lift Rental Wheaton IL

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Smaller than other kinds of lifts, push around lifts offer height ranges that typically vary from 15 to 50 feet. They are very well-suited for tasks like ceiling work, maintenance, HVAC ducts and photography.

For most any task that requires one worker to access heights in tight spaces, push around lifts are very practical.

Push around lifts are available in different brands and models. No matter what tasks are on your list, you’ll find a lift ideal for it within our inventory. You don’t necessarily need working on large-scale construction sites to use a lift. Without a doubt, lifts are very useful for photographers for taking aerial images. In addition, other jobs may call for workers to use specialty equipment at heights that aren’t practical with a ladder. Regardless of the height requirements of your next job, you’ll find the Lift Rental Wheaton IL you need here. At Time Saver Aerials, we carry a huge selection of material handling equipment available at affordable rates.

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It’s not unusual for tasks on a construction site to require your personnel to access heights. However, ladders simply aren’t always sufficient. Push around lifts offer an ideal solution. They are lightweight and convenient to store. These lifts typically feature a single-worker, sturdy aerial platform with a single vertical mast. In contrast with their larger counterparts, push around lifts offer an average load capacity of between 200 and 400 pounds.

Even though a push around lift can weigh as much as 1000 pounds, their suspension and wheels provide easy mobility. Call Time Savers Aerials to book your Lift Rental today!

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