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Lift Rentals

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When demand increases, the contractors, warehouse managers and distribution centers of Chicagoland depend on Time Savers Aerials. From forklifts and scissor lifts to other varieties of manlifts, we stock a huge selection of lift rentals ideal for your next project. Whether you’re facing a seasonal increase in product flow or a sudden forklift malfunction, we offer affordable solutions. On this post, we’ll present some basic information about forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts and other kinds of lift rentals.

Forklift Rentals, Purchase and Service

Time Savers Aerials is a leading source of the top forklift brands available today. Without a doubt, you’ll find that we offer efficient, practical material handling solutions at very competitive rates. Whatever the application you’ll need, we’ll provide the best rental solutions for your needs.

Renting a forklift from our facility is the right option for your material handling needs and keeping up with demand. If something unexpected happens and you need a forklift, we offer competitive rental options you won’t fall behind. Ask our staff about daily, weekly or monthly options.

In addition, Time Savers Aerials can service your forklifts. We also stock quality forklifts available for sale too. If you’re thinking about purchasing a forklift, we often recommend trying a few different models on a rental basis. Renting a forklift gives you an opportunity to test out the unit so you can make an informed choice.

Certainly, forklifts are among the most necessary forms of Lift Rentals for warehouses, logistics facilities or distribution centers. Forklifts can efficiently move and load products, in addition to picking products off shelves. They’re simply invaluable for any business that handles materials and must remain productive. That’s why it’s essential to know a dependable source of Lift Rentals like Time Savers Aerials.

Lift Rentals – Time Savers Aerials – 630-782-7666

When you rent forklifts from our team, you’ll benefit from:

-Competitive daily, weekly and monthly rental rates.

-A very large fleet of Lift Rentals that are in top condition and ready for use.

-Electric and internal combustion forklifts available.

Contact Time Savers Aerials today to book a forklift rental for your facility today at 630-782-7666

Time Savers Aerials can partner with your business to help manage your needs for Lift Rentals. We can offer solutions custom to your budget, the scale of your needs and your current scheduling. Whether you need a forklift for just a single day or for many months, our staff is ready to help.

Lift Rentals – Boom Lifts – Time Savers Aerials

Articulating booms are a type of aerial work platform that features several segments that extend upward. This enables the operator to access difficult work areas around obstacles and architectural barriers. These flexible, reliable machines are made for work sites where maneuverability is essential.

The benefits of using an articulating boom lift include:

-Maneuverable in tight locations, ability to move around obstacles.

-Usable indoors and outdoors.

-Two operational joints add extra functional reach capacity.

-The operator can position the lift to provide maximum access for tough-to-reach locations.

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Time Savers Aerials – Affordable Lift Rentals for Chicagoland – Telescopic Boom Lifts

Think of this type of very useful lift as a forklift with additional features. These practical and easy to run machines look similar to a forklift, except they have booms that extend up and out. Without a doubt, a telescopic boom lift offers many advantages for a warehouse, construction sites or industrial facilities.

A telescopic boom lift provides:

-Versatility. These Lift Rentals enable you to access areas at height at a variety of interior and exterior job sites.

-Ability to operate in confined spaces.

-Also ideal for accessing at height locations from a distance.

-Practical for businesses that entail working upon rooftops. Also, for job sites that require lifting materials up to considerable heights.

-Boost your project’s efficiency.

-Made for functioning on uneven terrain, which enable our customers to reach new heights of efficiency!

Time Savers Aerials – 630-782-7666

The beginnings of our business trace all the way back to 1972 right here in Carol Stream. Time Savers Aerials offers a huge selection of over 1,000 aerial lifts. With so much to choose from, you’ll find the lifts with the height capacity you require for your job site. Along with boom, scissor and manlifts, we also have a selection of quality forklifts for rent or purchase.

Time Savers Aerials is one of the most-recognized and longest-serving providers of aerial work platforms in the Midwest. A key reason for our success is simply a focus on exceptional customer service and well-maintained lift equipment. Plus, we make our lifts available at affordable daily, weekly and monthly friendly rates.

Lift Equipment for Accessing At Height Locations – 630-782-7666

Our business began on a small lot in Carol Stream with a limited selection of aerial lifts. However, we grew consistently during our years in the industry, always improving our rental equipment and business practices. We continue providing quality lifts for our valuable customers at fair pricing. Along with our inventory of leading lift equipment, we can service your own lifts and forklifts too.

As we continually expand our online presence, Time Savers Aerials works to enhance accessibility and function of aerial lift equipment.

Boom, Articulating, Telescopic Lifts, Manlifts, Forklifts – 630-782-7666

If you have a job site that is indoors where the flooring might be vulnerable to damage, a manlift is a possible solution. Convenient and made to move in confined areas, manlifts still provide the ability work safely at height.

Comparable to a boom lift, manlifts feature telescoping boom arms that can move up and around obstacles. However, unlike a boom lift, a manlift doesn’t have self-drive capability. More compact models do not have a motor. The user must manually move the unit into position.

Interior location are generally where a manlift is most practical. By design, they’re easy on flooring and are ideal for jobs like changing out lightbulbs or fixing joists. Also, they’re very useful for painting interiors – especially ceilings.

To rent the right type of manlift for your material handling or repair needs, a few things to consider include:

-Will you need to move the lift across a surface that could sustain damage?

-Is the job site indoors or outdoors?

-Will the lift need to be in confined areas?

-How frequently will you have to reposition the lift and how high will you need it to reach?

Not Sure Which Lift is Right for Your Project? Call Time Savers Aerials – 630-782-7666

If you’ll be moving through tight areas and operating on delicate surfaces, a manlift is likely the right equipment. Contact Time Savers Aerials and we’ll suggest which of our quality manlifts will serve your project the best!

Contact the experts at Time Savers Aerials today and let us know about your next “at height” project. You’ll find exactly the Lift Rentals your job site needs from our selection. We have boom, scissor, telescopic and articulating lifts that will get you in position to get the job done. Indoors or outdoors, on even or uneven surfaces, our lifts can handle it. We maintain all of our lifts to ensure optimal safety and performance. Book yours today at daily, weekly or monthly rates.