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Material Handling Carol Stream

Material Handling Carol Stream

From construction sites and warehouses to busy shopping plazas and distribution centers, there’s a range of locations where aerial lifts are needed for efficient Material Handling Carol Stream. At Time Savers Aerials, we have a huge inventory of over 1,000 lift units with a variety of height capabilities suitable to any material handling application:

Boom Lifts – A type of aerial lift that offers flexibility thanks to their hydraulic arm, a boom lift is able to navigate around obstructions and enable access to hard-to-reach areas. Boom lifts can typically extend to greater heights than other types of aerial platforms such as scissor lifts. Time Savers carries boom lifts that have reach capacities of 130 feet and more. Another beneficial feature for Material Handling Carol Stream – specifically in warehouse or construction settings – is the machine’s drive speed capacity that allows users to move around efficiently.

Scissor Lifts – Well-suited for Material Handling Carol Stream in confined areas, we have a range of scissor lifts available for rent or purchase at Time Savers Aerials. Scissor lifts are useful indoors and outdoors for construction, servicing and installation applications on level surfaces.

Scissor lifts feature large platforms that can safely and securely support several people at once, along with equipment and materials. Supported by crisscrossing braces that extend upward, scissor lifts are generally made to move up and down only. With working heights of up to 50 feet, you’ll find that our variety of scissor lifts offers just what you’ll need for Material Handling Carol Stream solutions.

Forklifts – Time Savers Aerials has a fleet of forklifts ready to help move your materials indoors or outdoors. Like our other equipment, our forklifts are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental.