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 Push Around Lifts

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Compact and smaller than other kinds of lifts, Push Around Lifts offer height capacities of anywhere from 15 to 50 feet. They’re ideal for jobs such as maintenance, HVAC ductwork and ceiling repairs. Also, an aerial lift is great for photography and other jobs that call for workers to position at height. At Times Savers, we have Push Around Lifts of varying heights to match the requirements of your next project.

Push Around Lifts are available in a number of leading brands and models. No matter what at height task you need to perform, we have a lift to help you. You don’t need to be a contractor or engineer to need the advantages of a push around lift. Certainly, photographers and video makers can use them for aerial shots and for covering local events. Other tasks call for workers to utilize custom tools while working at elevations that just aren’t feasible with a ladder.

Push Around Lifts are lightweight in comparison to other forms of aerial work platforms. They typically feature a single-worker platform with a vertical mast and a carrying capacity of up to 400 pounds.

While this form of lift can weigh about 1000 pounds, their suspension and wheels make them easily transportable. One or two people can generally move the lift safely around a job site.

For safety purposes, they have outriggers which serve to stabilize their weight load. Also, there are self-propelled versions that operators can drive using controls on the aerial work platform. Push Around Lifts are ideal for indoor tasks like painting ceilings and rafters and replacing light fixtures.

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When to Rent Push Around Lifts

There are many various types of aerial platforms to choose from at Time Savers. Choosing the lift for your particular task is essential. Contractors must ensure that they’re using the right equipment to get the most for their money. Here are a few basics to help you determine if a Push Around Lift is right for your needs.

-Will you be working indoors, outdoors or both? Push Around Lifts are generally best for interior locations. They are very useful for doing precision work in tight spaces. However, they are not meant for use on uneven, rough surfaces.

-Will the job require more than one worker? The design of Push Around Lifts are for carrying one worker and their equipment. The platforms will not support more than one person and have a load capacity of approximately 400 pounds. If you’ll need more one person to work at height, then we may suggest a scissor lift. They have a wider platform and can safely support more weight.

-Should you rent or purchase a Push Around Lift? For many contractors it makes sense to purchase aerial work platform. For example, commercial HVAC contractors or electricians can certainly benefit from investing in a lift. These sorts of jobs rely on lifts a lot, so it makes financial sense to have them accessible. On the other hand, renting a lift makes sense for single-use tasks.

-When it comes to high quality Push Around Lifts, two of the leading brands are Genie and JLG.

Each of these manufacturers offer different lift models in a variety of height capacities. Genie and JLG lifts represent the very best in aerial work platform technologies. Time Savers Aerials has lifts available from both brands at our facility in Carol Stream.

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