Scissor Lift Machine

Scissor Lift Machine

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Scissor Lift Fundamentals

The scissor lift is a motorized work vehicle featuring a platform that raises straight up to access areas at height. A crisscrossing support serves as the method for extending the platform upward. This standard feature is what distinguishes the scissor lift from other types of lift equipment.

The purpose is to reach difficult areas to conduct whatever maintenance or repairs are at issue. Scissor lift machine offer a mobile way of accessing areas that are at height. This can range from tall storage racks in a warehouse to the exterior of tall buildings.

These lift machines are available in various sizes. For example, smaller, four-foot wide lifts are helpful for navigating in tight aisles inside warehouses. Scissors lifts enable workers to access areas well above ground surface level without worries about balance. This safety feature makes a scissor lift a much better choice than ladders. One of the guidelines for scissor lifts is to never move it if the platform is in the upward position.

Scissor Lift Machine

The scissor lift’s work platform is able to carry people as well as tools and materials. The crisscrossing supports lift the platform by hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic power. Some scissor lifts can reach heights of up to 60 feet. Here are some of the advantages to using a scissor lift at your wholesale, industrial or commercial facility.

-Scissor lift users are able to access heights that would otherwise be inaccessible.

-They decrease user fatigue due to the relative ease of movement through their efficient design.

-Scissor lifts do away with risk of repetitive strain injuries because it puts the user at superior working angles.

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-There are multiple options for the way in which a scissor lift machine raises items. Consequently, this gives users the flexibility of finding the ideal model for their needs.

-Scissor lifts raise loads evenly and smoothly, avoiding risk of balance problems.

-Scissor lifts are available in a wide selection of base and platform sizes. Also, there is a variety of height capacities too. Our team can suggest which model would be appropriate for your needs.

-Scissor lifts are transportable, which makes them very convenient for practically any indoor or outdoor location.

-A turntable enables rotation of the whole scissor lift table. This saves on time and helps to lessen the risk of user injuries.

-Not only are scissor lifts very useful for material handling, they’re also convenient during off-hours too. When completely retracted, scissor lifts do not require much storage space in your warehouse or industrial facility.

Affordable Rental Rates on Scissor Lifts – Time Savers Aerials

Time Savers Aerials stocks a full inventory of electric scissor lifts available for rent or purchase. Our quality electric scissor lifts are now available in a wide selection of sizes. Without a doubt, you’ll find the right lift for your next project in our inventory.

All our rental equipment goes through extensive testing for quality assurance. The top priority is always the safety of our customers. The experienced Time Savers Aerials staff is ready with expert advice for your next project. We’ll locate and suggest the right model electric scissor lift that will serve your needs.

Electric scissor lifts are simply a form of vertical lift. They lift straight upwards instead of vertically and horizontally. Our wide variety of scissor lift rentals can extend as high up as 46 feet. Their smaller base sizes also makes them useful for operating in small areas.

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Scissor lifts are a practical optional for lifting personnel and materials despite even though they can’t move horizontally. Some models can lift as much as a thousand pounds. Additionally, electric scissor lifts do not emit fumes, which makes them safe for indoor use.

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Also known as a cherry picker, the boom lift is one of the most useful forms of lifting equipment. From doing maintenance at a warehouse to installing light fixtures, a boom lift is ideal for performing tasks at height. Because of their mobility and ease of operation, a boom lift can be an effective solution for accessing tough-to-reach areas.

The primary design of a lift, naturally, is to carry equipment and workers for aerial tasks. Once mainly used in the agricultural sector for fruit picking, boom lifts are a necessity for many industries. Electrical and phone workers are among the most common examples because they enable access to power lines. In addition, boom lifts are useful in distribution centers, warehouses and construction too. Due to their ongoing demand, lift manufacturers continue creating more economical and reliable lifting equipment.

At Time Savers Aerials, we stock a range of boom lifts available at competitive rates.

Boom lifts offer versatility that is hard to match with other types of lift equipment. Also referred to as aerial work platforms, boom lifts are very useful in a wide range of industries and applications. From warehousing and utilities to maintenance, renting a boom lifts is a cost-effective practice for your next project.

These sturdy work platforms enable the user to access elevated places that otherwise would simply be inaccessible. While many other varieties of life equipment also provide that feature, boom lifts remain among the most convenient machines.

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For starters, boom lifts provide excellent maneuverability. Certainly, the boom can adjust the work platform horizontally and vertically to reach specific areas. Boom lifts can even snake around a corner if necessary. In addition, boom lifts are very durable, which is essential for safety reasons and for preventing downtime due to injury. Specialized equipment and lift attachments allow boom lifts to be very versatile. Many lift models feature a built-in generator with electrical outlets upon the work platform. This enables use of power tools and machinery.

A Brief History of the Boom Lift

It was Canadian resident Walter E. Thornton-Trump who invented the boom lift during the 1950s. His objective was to simply make it easier to work at height and otherwise inaccessible areas. The nickname cherry picker soon became the more common term for the lift since it was often put to use in orchards.

Thornton-Trump acquired a patent for his useful creation in the 1960s. In his patent paperwork, he describes the boom lift as a “power-operated boom structure.” Also, he describes it as a “lifting apparatus for construction and electric-line work.” This description reflects how the applications for the cherry picker goes beyond agricultural work. One of the essential uses for the lift that came about during this time was adding lifts to fire trucks. This creates a safer and more efficient way of putting out fires in taller buildings and structures.

Aerial Work Platforms for Your Commercial, Industrial or Construction Project

Prior to the implementation of boom lifts, ladders and scaffolding were often the method for working at height. Although they were adequate in some circumstances, they did present safety issues. Also, ladders and scaffolding are not able to provide access to especially high areas. Narrow confines and uneven surfaces are present problems. The creation of the boom lift resolves these issues and continues to serve many industries.