Scissor Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL

Scissor Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL

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Welcome to Time Savers Aerials! We’re a leading provider of material handling equipment for the Chicagoland suburbs. If your warehouse or construction site involves performing tasks at high, hard-to-reach places, you’ll find the equipment you need here. In addition, to our rental fleet, we also sell and service material handling equipment.

Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts are machines that are utilized to elevate personnel and materials. These dependable lifts continue to replace ladders for many tasks because of their maneuverability and flexibility. Aerial work platforms enable workers to reach higher and work more efficiently. The lifts at Time Savers Aerials provide you with the very latest technologies and safety features. Call us today for more information on which aerial lifts are right for your next project.

Boom Lift

Articulating boom lifts are also sometimes referred to as knuckle booms. These versatile lifts provide accessibility in otherwise difficult-to-reach areas on account of their multi-jointed sections. Telescopic boom lifts offer the greatest horizontal reach but are not as versatile because the function with a single, telescopic arm.

Scissor Lift Rental Bloomingdale IL

Scissor lifts are available in two different categories: rough terrain and electric. Rough terrain scissor lifts feature excellent maneuverability in outdoor areas with uneven surfaces. Electric scissor lifts also provide maneuverability for indoor locations. There are also environmentally friendly and operate quietly. This makes them useful for stacking shelves at retail stores where there may be customers present.

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Push around manlifts

These are also knowns as personnel or one-man lifts. Push around manlifts are easy to use and convenient to set up. They can extend to heights ranging from 12 up to 47 feet. Additionally, they are narrow and small enough to move through standard doorways.

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