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Designed for efficient use in restricted spaces, the Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL we carry at Time Savers Aerials are suited for indoor and outdoor construction, routine maintenance and installation jobs on relatively level surfaces. Always well-maintained and ready for use, our scissor lifts provide our customers with spacious work platforms that can safely and securely support several people at one time – along with the equipment and materials they need.

Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream

Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL are manufactured with crisscrossing braces that give support and allow the platform to extend upwards. Generally, they are made to move up and down only. With their wide, durable work platforms and height capacity of as high as 50 feet, the assortment of scissor lifts available at Time Savers Aerials is certain to fulfill the access needs at your next work site – while keeping within your budget thanks to our very affordable rates.

Scissor lifts are an essential tool for efficient operations at warehouses, industrial facilities and distribution facilities. They provide a secure work space for performing certain tasks and activities at hard-to-access or elevated locations. As an example, electrical contractors can safely work on electrical poles or wires with the use of a dependable Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL. Or structural engineers can do more extensive inspections of areas that would otherwise be tough to access. There are several other applications of scissor lifts and we offer a variety of them to give our customers the equipment they need.

Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream

Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL are recognizable by the ‘X’ shaped folding support braces that enable the work platform to move up and down. When pressure is applied to the braces by the lift’s motor the platform moves upward, allowing the lift user to reach the height needed. Ever since they were originally designed during the 1970s, scissor lifts have developed into a required equipment for many project sites. Thanks to their compact size and maneuverability, it’s easy to store a scissor lift when not being used.

Varieties of Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL include hydraulic, electrical and diesel lifts

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts – this model of lift uses hand-powered or engine-powered pressurized hydraulics. The changing pressure of the hydraulic oil is what’s responsible for movement of the mobile work platform up and down. Diesel and electrical scissor lifts are generally the more commonly used lifts. Electrical lifts are well-suited for tasks that must be done within limited spaces. Since they are electrical, they’re also a good choice for use in areas that don’t have very good ventilation. We also have electric scissor lifts that are good for use in warehouses or factory space. Because our electric scissor lifts are so quiet and free of emissions, they’re suitable for workspaces like medical buildings or retail plazas where it’s important to keep disruption and noise to a minimum.

For outside work on the other hand, diesel lifts are often a preferred option. Time Saver Aerials’ diesel-powered Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL are an ideal solution. Time Savers Aerials stocks the types of quality lifts you need for reliable performance at your job site, warehouse, retail store or distribution center. We are among the leading providers of material lifting equipment in the whole Chicagoland area. Contact us today – we look forward to working with you. We offer affordable rates at Scissor Lift Rental Carol Stream IL, personalized customer service and equipment you can count on!

Time Savers Aerials was founded right here in Carol Stream in 1972. We stock an wide selection of over 1,000 lift units in a range of height capacities for any work application.