Scissor Lift Rental Chicago

Scissor Lift Rental Chicago

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Used for loading, moving, picking and storing products, forklifts are among the most important pieces of equipment in managing a logistics facility, warehouse or distribution center. They are practically a necessity for a productive operation – which is why it’s critical to have a provider you can depend on.

With our rental services you’ll benefit by:

-Rental options for daily, weekly or monthly needs.

-A fleet of well-maintained forklifts to choose from.

-Electric or internal combustion engine forklifts.

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When demand goes up, smart contractors, developers, warehouse managers and distributors know that they can rely on Time Savers Aerials for all their material handling requirements.

Whether you’re contending with a spike in product movement or the unexpected need for a fast replacement because of a forklift malfunction during a critical time at your business, you can find affordable solution for your lifting needs at our business.

As a leading source of the top forklift brands on the marketplace today, Time Savers Aerials offers cost-effective rates on the machines you need. Which application you need, we’ll have a rental unit available for you among our well-maintained equipment.

Time Savers is simply the smart choice for your facility needs while staying up-to-date with increased demands for productivity. If the unexpected happens and you need another forklift for your material handling, renting one or more units from us means that you won’t fall behind.

Time Savers can service your facility’s own equipment too, and we also have a variety of machines for sale too. Comparable to buying a car, renting scissor lifts or other warehouse equipment provides the opportunity to test-drive the unit before deciding to buy it.

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Basic Information about Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a motorized vehicle featuring a work platform that rises straight upwards. Criss-crossing metal bars support the platform, elongating as the platform raises. Naturally, this is the main feature of the lift which distinguishes it from other machines used for working at heights. The gas or electric-powered platform sits upon folding arms used to establish elevated working areas. Additionally, scissor lifts are ideal for raising or lowering materials and equipment.

Scissor Lift Rental Chicago provides accessibility to hard-to-reach locations in order to complete work as necessary. Scissor lifts offer a mobile, convenient means of working at elevated locations. With respect to material handling, this would include the top sections of storage racks, for example.

These practical work platforms are available in a variety of sizes. Smaller lifts are useful for navigating in the narrow aisles often found in warehouses. Scissors lifts enable workers to perform at areas well above ground level. Another benefit is that the stability of scissor lifts eliminate the safety concerns that come with using a ladder.

One of the safety guidelines forbids scissor lift operators from moving the lift while the work platform is at height.

Benefits of Scissor Lift Rental Chicago

It can be a logistical challenge for a business to own its own scissor lifts or other aerial work platforms.

While lifts can withstand some time outside, eventually you’ll need to store it safely indoors when it’s not in use. Finding sufficient space to do so is not always easy. Particularly for smaller businesses with locations in urban areas. On the other hand, storage space isn’t an issue that renters have to worry about much. They only need to store the lifts for a fairly brief time if at all.

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Without a doubt, renting a scissor lift can be an ideal solution for a small business.

When a business owns its own scissor lifts, there’s a need to transport them from storage to the work site. Transporting most any kind of equipment takes some time. In the world of business, time equals money. While your employees are waiting for the scissor lift to arrive productivity stalls. Quality equipment renters such as Time Savers offer transport solutions that limit those delays.

Gain More Flexibility with Scissor Lift Rental Chicago by Time Savers

Your company’s plans can help you forecast what lies ahead. However, no one is able to predict the

future with total accuracy. Renting, though, can help you remain flexible when changes come along. If your business is enjoying a busy period, you’ll be able to rent more equipment. You can even rent lift equipment in multiple locations as your business grows. During slower times, you might choose to reduce your lift fleet. In addition, you can select different lift types depending upon the work you’re doing and your budget.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts feature a power-drive mechanism and provide smooth, consistent movement at the work site. This type of scissor lift is meant for both outside and inside work. While folded, an electric scissor lift fits easily through standard-size doorways. Scissor lifts have a fixed-frame wheelbase to provide additional stability. If you’re working upon uneven surfaces, some models have stability legs for extra support. The electric scissor lift is a variety of aerial work platform that moves up-and-down only. Raising the work platform entails switching to one of the folding supportive rails which form the ‘X’ shaped pattern. This part of the machine provides the upward movement that lifts the work platform.

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The support railings provide a sturdy platform able to accommodate heavier loads than a conventional man lift.

Scissor lifts are among the most popular type of aerial work platforms and is use at range various job sites. Many models feature extendable platforms to expand the work area. They are very useful for applications such as maintenance, construction, painting and landscaping.

Versatile and Affordable – Scissor Lift Rental Chicago

The versatility of scissor lifts make them very practical in specific work situations. Certainly, scissor lifts are ideal for indoor work. Also, they’re among the most maneuverable and lightweight type of lift. For outdoor uses, some types of scissor lifts feature stabilizing supports for and uneven, rough surfaces.

Size is another key aspect of Scissor Lift Rental Chicago. Smaller man lifts are basically for hoisting one person with some materials and equipment. You can utilize electric scissor lifts as an aerial platform for a variety of applications. Although they do feature a platform that’s extendable, they cannot extend over obstacles. Electric scissor lifts are ideal working on ceilings, posting signs or doing maintenance at elevated levels. They are not typically able to move into tight areas for working on electrical or HVAC components, for example.

Construction Sites

An electric scissor lift can be useful for a wide range of indoor tasks like hanging lights or painting. Essentially, they are useful for any type of task with work areas too high to access from a conventional ladder.

Photography and Video

Electric scissor lifts have a lengthy history as a very useful tool for photographers who need to capture aerial views. Scissor lifts are also ideal for sound and light rigging as well as arranging special effects.

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