Scissor Lift Rental Wheaton IL

Scissor Lift Rental Wheaton IL

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The electric scissor lift is a variety of aerial work platform that moves vertically. Raising the aerial platform entails use of the interconnecting folding supportive rails that give the machine its ‘X’ shape.

This support structure is the “scissor” that produces the upward movement to lift the aerial platform. The interlocking rails provide a durable platform able to support more weight and personnel than a conventional man lift.

Scissor lifts are among the most widely used types of work platforms. Without a doubt, they are a common feature on many different job sites. Many feature extendable work platforms that increase their working surface. Common applications for Scissor Lift Rental include construction sites, landscaping and maintenance.

Electrical scissor lifts basically provide an aerial work platform practical for many different uses.

However, even though they have a platform that is extendable, they can’t extend over obstacles. Electric scissor lifts are a good choice for hanging signs, working on ceilings and general construction.

They are not typically useful for maneuvering into constricted spaces for working on HVAC systems, for instance.

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When it comes to working indoors, a scissor lift is useful for painting, installation of light fixtures or installing lights. Basically, this lift is ideal for tasks where a working area is too high to access from a ladder. Or, when the work area is overhead directly.

Naturally, you’ll need to consider what materials you plan to lift with an electric scissor unit. For useful input, talk to our staff to make sure you rent a lift that’s right for your needs. Another consideration is the able working space at the site. Measure all hallways and entryways to ensure that your electric will have sufficient clearance.