Scissor Lift Rentals

Scissor Lift Rentals

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Welcome to Time Savers Aerials! We’re a leading provider for high quality, affordable aerial lift rentals ideal for a wide variety of applications. Whether your next project is indoors or outdoors, you’ll find the equipment you need in our huge selection. In fact, we stock more than a thousand aerial lift units in a range of various reach capacities.

Scissor Lift Rentals at Affordable Rates at Time Savers Aerials

Check out our daily, weekly or monthly rental options for:

-Scissor Lifts. This type of aerial lift features a direct up-and-down movement. A scissor lift permits the operator to access elevated areas while working upon a study platform. Ideal for use in industrial and manufacturing facilities, a crisscrossing brace that extends upward serves as the lift’s support. At Time Savers, we our scissor lift rentals feature spacious work platforms suitable for several workers along with equipment and materials. Generally, scissor lifts can extend from 20 up to 56 feet. (There’s more information about scissor lifts farther down in this post.)

-Boom Lifts. Our boom lifts will provide you with enough reach capacity to perform high level jobs at your next outdoor location. Boom lift work platforms provide flexibility for getting around obstacles in order to access specific areas. Some of our of boom lifts feature reach capabilities of as high as 130 feet.

-Articulating Boom Lifts. Just as their name says, this variety of lift features several boom sections that can “articulate.” Consequently, this enables the user to access areas that may otherwise be inaccessible.

-Man Lifts. Dependable and safe, man lifts are for vertically transporting workers, tools and materials for numerous different applications. You’ll find a diverse selection of man lifts at our facility that offer various features, platform sizes and reach capabilities.

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-Fork Lifts. Long an essential piece of machinery for warehouse facilities, forklifts are available from Time Savers at very competitive rental rates. In addition, we can service your facility’s forklifts as well.

To rent quality aerial work platforms and forklifts for your next project, contact Time Savers Aerials today at 630-782-7666.

Specifically made for movement within tight spaces, the scissor lifts available at our facility are ideal for inside and outside locations. Certainly, a scissor lift can be very useful for construction, installation and routine maintenance applications with mostly even surfaces. Scissor lifts feature sturdy platforms that can support several people at once along with equipment and materials.

Scissor lifts are easy to identify because of their ‘x’ shaped, crisscross support braces. The braces can move vertically to raise up the work platform. As the lift’s motor puts pressure to the braces, the platform moves up. This allows the operator to reach the height they require.

Ever since their earliest designs during the 1970s, scissor lifts continue play an important role at various job sites. Additionally, scissor lifts are portable with a compact size that makes them easy to put in storage.

Time Saver Aerials has scissor lifts that run on diesel or electricity. Electrical scissor lifts, for instance, are very useful in warehouses or industrial facilities. Also, because they’re quiet and don’t emit exhaust, scissor lifts are ideal in settings like school campuses or retail plazas.

Call Time Savers Aerials today at 630-782-7666 and let us know about your material handling needs.

All the scissor lifts at our facility are in top condition and available at affordable daily, weekly or monthly rates.

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