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Time Saves Aerials is a leading source of lift equipment for rent or purchase. We carry excellent equipment from top manufacturers like JLG and Skyjack. Whether you need lift equipment for one day an extended period, you’ll find what you need with us. Contact our staff to book equipment or schedule service for your own work platforms and forklifts.

When it comes to accessing confined areas at high levels, an aerial work platforms is essential for success. With equipment such as boom or scissor lifts, you can move personnel, tools and materials into the position you need.

Among the most in-demand types of lift are articulating and telescopic boom lifts. Each feature hydraulic arms that provide significant reaching capacity. However, because each job is different, these lifts also have some differences.

A telescopic boom lift are also sometimes known as a straight boom lift. It features a boom that extends in segments similar to a telescope. It extends straight from the boom’s hoist, which attaches to the unit’s chassis. There are some models that can reach as high up as 185 feet. However, the more common top range is around 150 feet.

Telescopic boom lifts are ideal if you’ll need to work on an area that lift unit itself can’t access. The boom arm extends rather quickly. Also, it’s possible to drive the lift in some positions with the boom at full range.

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An articulating boom lift is also sometimes called a knuckle boom. It features several sections that have joints between each one. It unfolds in a way that enables the user to get around obstacles in fairly limited spaces. The articulating boom lift typically provides lift height of about 150 feet. Similar to a telescopic boom, the articulating version is able to move over uneven surfaces. However, it does not provide quite the same horizontal capabilities.

Basically, a boom lift will elevate you to precisely where the job at hand is located. These sturdy, aerial platforms serve as a much-have piece of machinery for a wide variety of projects. For instance, a boom lift is useful for renovations, painting and electrical tasks.

Due to its hydraulic arm, boom lifts are able to move their platform horizontally as well as vertically. Consequently, the operator has significant reach capabilities. This is a key difference with a scissor lift, which moves up and down only.

When renting or purchasing a boom lift, the most important question is obviously “how high do I have to reach?” However, there are still a few other issues to review before making a choice. A few tips to keep in mind include:

Selecting the Design of Boom Lift

There are quite a few boom designs to pick from among the wide selection we have at our facility

Perhaps the most popular are telescopic and articulating booms. If you won’t need to get around obstacles to reach the work area, a telescopic boom lift is the right choice. Some models can attain heights of up to 80 feet. Furthermore, there are even some special models that can get as high as 185 feet. These lifts are frequently chosen for projects that entail reaching significant heights.

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Besides the obvious issue of height, it’s also important to determine how much horizontal reach you’ll need as well. Telescopic booms usually list their max height and horizontal capacity. Articulating booms, on the other hand, typically list their top working height along with their “up and over” height. This indicates how high it can reach when the boom fully extends.

Other specs to consider generally include the lift’s stowed height. This is simply lowest height at which you can configure the unit, which is an issue for storage. Confirm that the machine is not too wide for your working area. More compact lift models, which are around three-feet wide, are able to fit easily within narrow spaces. Also, check the unit’s ground bearing pressure, which helps calculate if it can safely move on the surface.

Diesel or Electric?

Naturally, the first thing to consider whining renting a lift is where you shall be using it. For example, if your project is inside with fairly limited space, an electric boom lift is the smart choice. They do not emit exhaust fumes, provide excellent maneuverability and are easy to store.

Electric lifts are able to function outside too. However, outdoor locations are typically where you’ll want to use a lift with a standard engine. Diesel, gas or propane units typically move a faster than electrics. Plus, you won’t need to worry about downtime while charging the battery.

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Towable or Self-Propelled?

While the majority of boom lifts are actually self-propelled, a towable model can certainly be useful in some situations. For instance, if you need the lift to be portable and plan to use it at multiple sites. It’s easy to connect a towable boom lift to a vehicle with a hitch. Lightweight and simple to operate, they are very handy in a range of various applications. From tree trimming to exterior painting jobs or light fixture maintenance, they are typically ideal.

Research your options and relevant accessories

A smart first step is to gain a full understanding of the work environment in which you’ll be doing your project. For example, you might need non-marking or rubber-footed tires to protect delicate flooring if you’ll be working inside. If the space is tight, you may wish to consider a jib boom extension. Fitting in between the ending of the boom and the work platform, the jib adds an articulation point. This gives the operator the ability to move the work platform vertically and horizontally. Consequently, this provides the boom lift with more mobility for exact positioning. If you’ll be working at nighttime, you can also mount lighting on the platform.

Trays and racks help make working on a boom lift even more convenient. For example, for electrical or plumbing work, a pipe rack mounts over the lift’s railings. This allows for storing the pipes and conduits so they are off the work platform.

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Along with the excellent lift products we carry from top brands like Skyjack, we also have forklifts. Just like renting a lift, it’s smart to do some planning first.

To start, consider what kinds of materials you’ll need to lift and move. For instance, are they single pallets, bulky containers, stacks of wood? Also, what will be the heaviest amount you’ll be lifting at a single time? It’s not unusual for people to underestimate the capacity of the forklift they’ll need.

Next, consider the shape and size of the materials. This is relevant because you may require a custom
attachment for proper handling. As an example, a heavy-duty crane hook accessory will make it possible lift long beams or pipes.

Contact the experts at Time Savers Aerials today to book quality forklift and lift equipment at affordable rates. We have more than 1,000 units from top brands like Skyjack to select from at our facility in Carol Stream!