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Smartlift’s creative line of glass handler equipment is rapidly gaining popularity in the commercial and industrial sector. Known for their innovative solutions, lifting technologies and durable products, Smartlift is an industry leader in glass lifting equipment. To learn more about renting Smartlift equipment from Time Savers Aerials, contact us today at 630-782-7666.

Utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies today, Smartlift glass handling equipment is able to lift a variety of glass products. For example, glazers can lift straight and curved windows in addition to glass panes and other air-tight glass surfaces. These efficient machines are good for use in both inside and outside locations and feature significant lift capacities.

Smartlift glass handlers feature a self-driving function, tight turn radius and compact size. Also, they are able to perform in limited spaces and travel easily through conventional doorways. Consequently, they are an ideal piece of equipment for your glass handling requirements. Furthermore, these durable lifting machines are so compact they’re easy to transport with a standard van or machinery trailer.

The benefits of Smartlifts for glass handling include:

-Top-notch precision, durability and quality.

-A wide range of standard and advanced models with customizable solutions for your glass handling needs.

-Precise hydraulics for exceptional accuracy.

-Remote control of all the unit’s hydraulic functions.

-Twin wheels on a rear axle for optimal maneuverability.

Quality Aerial Work Platforms – Time Savers Aerials in Carol Stream, IL

In addition to specialty equipment like Smartlifts products, we have a fleet of quality aerial work platforms. Without a doubt, aerial lifts can make a significant difference in the day to day operations of your business. There is a wide spectrum of lift models with various height capacities to choose from among our fleet.

Regardless of the work environment of your next project, you’ll find what you need at Time Savers Aerials. When selecting an aerial lift, some factors to review are indoor versus outdoor use along with reach and lift capacities.

Applications for Aerial Lifts

Made to safely lift workers, materials and tools, aerial lifts can move about easily at your work site. They provide access to areas at height that otherwise would be tough to reach. The design of aerial lifts gives the operator the flexibility and mobility to boost efficiency. Also, aerial lift platforms eliminate the need to rely on ladders and scaffolds to work at high elevations. With their durability, aerial lifts provide the peace of mind knowing workers remain safe will performing their tasks at height.

Manufacturing plants, contractors, maintenance providers and warehouses all benefit from utilizing aerial lifts. In addition to general construction, aerial lifts are ideal for routine maintenance, tree pruning, painting and installation of rooftop HVAC.

If you’re considering the rental or purchase of an aerial lift, the first step is to assess the task at hand. There are several different versions of mobile, aerial work platforms we can recommend to suit your specifics.

Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts – 630-782-7666

Scissor lifts generally a foundation that is the same dimension as its work platform. This type of lift is for elevating workers, tools and materials. Most contemporary scissor lifts have a convenient extension deck which allows for a minimum horizontal reach. Scissor lifts are usually available with platform heights that span from 15 to 50 feet.

Boom lifts are an ideal solution for hard-to-access areas or tasks that must be done at significant heights. A boom lift provides a secure, sturdy platform. They are usually available in platform heights that range from 30 to 135 feet high.

Time Savers Aerials has a large fleet of aerial lifts, forklifts and other lift equipment at our facility in Carol Stream. We offer affordable rates on daily, weekly and monthly rentals. Also, we can provide service for your facility’s lift equipment – just call today to make an appointment.